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Training Division

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Mercury spills. Toxic Plumes. Hydrochloric Acid leaks. The US Government receives reports of hazardous materials incidents 12 times per day on average. Many of those are in the petrochemical and industrial corridor from South Texas to Mobile, Alabama. Louisiana is in the crosshairs. That's why IES provides state of the art HAZMAT emergency response for your plant, refinery, chemical facility, or manufacturing plant. Our team is trained at the highest level, with certifications and refreshers regularly. In fact, we train other first response teams in HAZMAT response techniques.


Fortunately, the vast majority of practitioners take HSE (health, safety, environmental) issues very seriously, as mandated by the Federal Government as well as industry standards. But nobody is immune to accident or injury, and preparation is the key to positive outcomes in the event of a medical emergency. Our fire brigade, HAZMAT teams, and rescue teams are fully trained in first response medical stabilization. The fact that we know our way around a plant or industrial worksite can save precious minutes in an emergency. Our medical training is specifically geared towards industrial incidents, most common injury response, and flawless communication with medical professionals. IES brings your ability to respond to medical emergencies to a higher level

Fire Brigade

IES began years ago as a firefighting battalion with the mindset to PREVENT fires, PROTECT life and property, and RESPOND with exceptional skill and expedience. 

Our fire brigade training comes from a true fire department environment with expertise in fire prevention, suppression, and all emergency response situations in the industrial and manufacturing sector. From structural fires to hazardous materials events, or from railway incidents to on-site medical assistance, we are the industry standard in training for fire brigade emergency response. 

Incident Command

Leadership in crisis is key to mitigating risk. Our Incident Command training includes simulated crisis, on-site evaluation, and crisis strategy and mapping. Our job is to train you right so you'll have the level of expertise and confidence you need for saving lives and property.

Technical Rescue

Dangers in the petrochemical, refining, manufacturing, construction, and other processing and fabrication industries make proficiency in technical services and support a necessity for your team. Your crew needs to know how to respond in the event of a technical rescue situation.

Training for technical rescue includes: 
  • High Angle and confined space evaluation, rescue, and incident command
  • Equipment selection, use, and maintenance
  • Industry Best Practices