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The IES Strategic Emergency Management Contract (SEMC) Program provides customers with unparalleled preparedness and response capabilities on an "as needed" basis. We establish shared emergency preparedness and response functionality in areas with a high concentration of industrial facilities. Each facility benefits from having access to highly trained emergency personnel in this cost-effective solution. IES works with participating plants to design an optimal solution and tailor the resources to meet each plant’s needs. The result is greater reliability, excellent response time, and effective incident control.  Participating customers frequently find value in their access to IES’ personnel who provide preparedness training, inspection, and maintenance as well as rescue standby services to participating plants. There is no quality sacrificed within a cooperative environment, only reduced cost for participating members.

We feature Dedicated Emergency Response Contracts for the following services:


Hazardous materials events require specialized training and certification for prevention, emergency response, containment, and abatement. It is important to account for regulations by OSHA, DOT, EPA, and NRC in the workplace, especially in manufacturing or refining environments. 

Our team maintains the highest standards of practice and instruction for Hazardous Materials. We provide emergency response for Hazardous Material incidents, including fire brigade back-up and support, in-plant Haz-mat personnel, and rail car Haz-Mat transport emergencies.


From on-platform incidents and shipboard fires to helipad signal instruction, IES has the expertise to support your venture.


Train Derailment

Train derailments can be devastating, but IES first responders help to mitigate the negative with expertise, speed, and experience. From derailment scene management and incident command expertise to our relationship with officials in the railway industry, our team is a valuable asset in managing and reducing human, community, and company impact. We'll even help you to develop a strategic contingency plan for first response and monitor risk along the way.

Incident Management

The first step to resolving an emergent situation is to assess and manage it. The leaders at IES are efficient, effective incident commanders with years of experience in fire, chemical and HazMat release, train derailment, technical and confined space rescue, first responder intercommunications, and first response medical team management.


Today's Industrial Firefighters are a rare breed. When they aren't fighting to protect life or property, they are training for it. The IES Fire Brigade is an elite force of highly qualified specialists with experience and certification in the exact environments common to your facility.


Short and Long Term Staffing

Our vast network of resources for specially trained personnel is your resource for short and long-term staffing. We will source, hire and provide continuous training and reinforcement for your short and long-term assigned personnel.

Technical Rescue

Rescue in high angle, confined space, or compromised environments is serious business. IES training features the highest standards in rescue operations.
  • Technical Rope Rescue Training, Initial & Refresher
  • Confined Space Rescue Training, Initial Refresher
  • Team & Equipment Evaluation


Annual equipment tests, compliance, SCBA annual flow tests, Firewater system inspections, and more.

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