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Introducing T.H.O.R.

Thermal Human Observation Reader

THORstation makes getting back to work easier, safer, and more productive! 

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“THOR is so simple, the only requirement is a power source!”

This custom-designed solution is purpose-built to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak and make work environments safer!  The perfect solution for all places of business and social gathering facilities.
Property Value
Material Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester
Color Black
Outer Dimensions 15.75" x 13.83" x 8.73"
Weight 19.75 lbs
Ratings NEMA Type 4, 4X / IP66
Flame Rating UL94-5V

T.H.O.R. System Features

Infrared Thermography

Provides a visual map of skin temperatures in real-time. The subject will see themselves in the monitor (not a thermal image) while their temperature is being detected.


The THOR station is weather & dustproof. Equipped with a 7” inch multifunction display monitor, dual visual & infrared cameras, sensor analysis, alarm functionality, & autonomous communication.

FDA Approved

Thermography uses no radiation and does not touch the body. It’s completely safe and FDA approved as an adjunctive imaging procedure.

Camera Auto-Adjusts

The camera adjusts for ambient conditions to minimize false readings. The color image, temperature scale, & alarm mechanism make it easy to decide when someone requires secondary evaluation.
The owner operator would be responsible for adhering to local, state, & Federal guidelines regarding risk assessment & management.

T.H.O.R. Station

How it Works

1 One

The subject sees themselves in the monitor & presses foot pedal

2 Two

Pauses for approximately five seconds as the highest temperature is measured

3 Three

Pauses for approximately five seconds as the highest temperature is measured

4 Four

THOR automatically issues a visual & audible alert as red light illuminates. Owner/operator is alerted simultaneously

5 Five

Staff members may view & monitor the station camera on a connected tablet or computer

6 Six

They would then follow mandated guidance regarding liberties, social distancing & safety procedures

Subject stands 2 feet
away from station

The station stand is adjustable in order to capture people of varying heights. Other mount options are available upon request.

Anti-Tip Design. Adjustable feet pads that level the station on uneven floor.


Designed for Our Community.

Ruggedized to fully function in spaces such as offices, groceries, and cafes to more taxing spaces such as ships and factories.

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