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Industrial Emergency Services, LLC provides a range of safety and emergency preparedness and response related training. 

Our instructors have extensive training in their areas of expertise as well as real-world experience in responding to incidents. Our approach is not to just help our customers check a box related to training requirements, but to make sure that our instruction is presented in a manner that is relevant, usable and valuable. We provide training programs targeted to a range of audiences from senior management to the manufacturing workforce in our areas of expertise, which include:

Fire Brigade

Training in the fire brigade at IES includes both classroom, technical, and live fire training for qualification and certification in industrial fire safety.
  • Incipient & Advanced Fire Brigade Training
  • Live Fire Training and Refresher
  • Storage Tank Fire Fighting and Refresher
  • Fire Extinguisher Training and Refresher


Training in Emergency HAZMAT response is a staple at IES. Using only the latest EPA, OSHA, HazWoper, and DOT training standards, your team is informed, prepared, and ready for action.
  • Hazardous Materials Awareness
  • HazWoper and Refresher 
  • Hazardous Materials Operations & Refresher
  • Hazardous Materials Technician & Refresher
  • Rail Car / Haz-Mat Incident Training

Incident Command

The first step to resolving an emergent situation is to assess and manage it. Incident management training is a skill of its own, and IES will prepare your team leaders for efficient, effective incident command.
  • National Incident Management System (NIMS) Training 
  • Incident Command Refresher
  • Table-top Drill
  • Incident Safety Officer Training

Technical Rescue

Rescue in high angle, confined space, or compromised environments is serious business. IES training features the highest standards in rescue operations.
  • Technical Rope Rescue Training, Initial & Refresher
  • Confined Space Rescue Training, Initial & Refresher
  • Team & Equipment Evaluation

EMT, EMR, CPR/AED Certification

IES provides high-quality medical training for first-responders and maintains the highest standards and techniques in field medical applications.
  • CPR / AED / First Aid Training
  • Emergency Medical Responder & Refresher
  • Emergency Medical Technician & Refresher



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